Pomelo is not a fashion company, neither is it a technology company. We’re a fashion-tech company where fashion is approached with cutting-edge technology and our business is driven by data.

But how do we bridge the gap between fashion and technology? Who brings data to the Pomelo brand so we can continue to push boundaries and disrupt the industry with innovation? To put it simply – the Business Intelligence team. 

Today, we take you through a day in the life of Job, Phumipat Lirdwitayaprasit, Associate Manager from our Business Intelligence team as he walks us through the importance of BI, his typical data-filled work day, and his future aspirations.

From Industrial Engineer to Consultant to BI

I began my career right before graduating when I interned as a Production Planning Engineer, working in provincial areas with locals. However, not feeling very suited for the role, I began branching out to find jobs that aligned with my interests in the business world. This led me to my first job as a business consultant where I spent two years working on policy improvement and ERP implementation. Even then, I was not entirely satisfied as I wanted to go deeper into a specific industry that I could learn more about.

At that time, the e-commerce industry was just emerging and growing really fast. As someone still exploring different career paths, I was advised that choosing a growing industry was a good start because you have the opportunity to grow as the industry flourishes. That’s how I ended up as part of the BI team at Pomelo.

The Intricacies of the BI team

Overall, BI acts as a bridge between business units and the technology team. When teams on the business side do not entirely understand technical blockers or limitations the engineering team faces, BI helps coordinate and closes the gap between them.

But in general, there are several roles that our team takes on. The first thing BI does in coordination with the engineering team is to create a data platform that enables different business units to effectively use data to make decisions, conduct analyses, or find insight. We also provide analyses and insights on essential sets of information about the customers and costs to various teams. Other than that, we work on process improvement and data solution tasks. As Pomelo is growing, some processes change along the way. So we help other teams keep track of data on all those changes. 

You can describe the BI team as a business partner at Pomelo. We work closely with different business units to understand their processes and challenges, and help provide specific and tailored insights or data points that can help each team improve. 

A Day in My Life

I normally start the day with a daily huddle with my team where we share what we have done, what we’re going to do, and any blockers we may have. We will then try to unlock the blockers first. 

I then usually have meetings with the business team throughout the day. As a business partner, there are times where the business units have some questions or ask for insights. So we will have brainstorming sessions or meetings to address such issues.

I sometimes also have meetings with my teammates during the day to help them with any tasks they need help with. But when I have no meetings to attend, I will focus on conducting analyses or some infrastructure improvements.

The Silver Lining

There are many things I like about being on the BI team. Since our work is project-based, we always have new initiatives to tackle so it’s really hard to get bored. 

Another good thing is that we can jump into many discussions as the middleman. Since different teams have their own targets and ways of working, they will also look at and interpret data differently. Our role as BI then is to jump in and help them analyze the data from a neutral perspective.

Because we have a lot of integrated data sources and have done a lot of technology integration, our team can make a real business impact. We can help different business units make data-driven decisions because we have the data to efficiently or accurately improve processes. I see this as both the coolest yet also the most challenging part of being in BI – being able to implement the analysis to create a positive change for the business.

Looking to the Future

Two years ago, I had a pretty typical goal of getting to the management level. But now, I have a slightly different goal. I want to be someone who can utilize all data-related processes. I want to be able to guide my team on what to analyze, know how to use all data points to help develop the right strategies, and uncover the true potential of data to boost the business’ efficiency. 

But I don’t want to just work and have it end there. I also want to share my knowledge with the younger generation. During my college years, I met a lecturer who was a part-time teacher and working consultant. He owned a business and was part of the Board of Directors for many Thai companies. He told me that no matter the circumstances, he would always spare three hours a week to teach students. And that was very inspiring for me because even though he was busy, he still sought to share his knowledge and experience with the younger generation. I hope to do the same one day. 

Interested in learning more about team at Pomelo? Visit our Team page to see what each team is all about!

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