Be curious: How challenges make Frances excel at her work

by | Nov 12, 2021


This word can mean different things to different people. 

While challenges make some people feel overwhelmed, worried, or even afraid, they are also a huge source of excitement, strong eagerness, and fulfillment for other people.

Frances, our 3rd Party Merchandise Planning Manager who was recently awarded Pomelo’s “Be curious” Core Value Champion, is in the latter group.

In this blog, Frances goes into detail about her work and the challenges she has faced, and she shares with us her excitement about working in a fast-paced environment.

What do you love about your job?

I love merchandising as the work is ever changing. We have to constantly react to trends and shopping behaviours to ensure we are providing the best experience for our customers.

“As a Merchandiser, my job is to ensure that we are achieving all our sales KPIs. I love to do ‘deep dives’ of brand performance and come up with ideas to try and increase sales further or improve customer experience. As we are growing rapidly on Category Management I can suggest an improvement one day and it is implemented the next.”

I have to work closely with the buying teams to ensure we are optimizing our stock mix for the customers and work with finance to ensure that our sales targets are achieved.

In your opinion, what does “being the best version of yourself” mean?

“For me ‘being the best version of myself’ is striving to make a success out of every challenge thrown at you.“

We are growing rapidly as a company which means we face new hurdles every day as we try to scale the business whilst continuing to offer a great customer experience.

I’m still learning to adapt to working in such a fast-paced business. As we are growing so quickly, the company priorities are constantly changing to ensure that we remain focused on our core business values. I love a challenge so the fast pace keeps the work environment motivating!

As you mentioned how Pomelo’s environment is, how does this kind of environment affect you as a person?

Pomelo is a great place to work because it is not ego-driven! We are encouraged to work cross-functionally which allows us to gain different perspectives ultimately leading to more customer-focused decision making. 

The environment at Pomelo is fast-paced and challenging whilst managing to be supportive and fun at the same time! I can see how my work directly impacts the sales performance. It is also really important to me to enjoy where I work. 

We are still a small company which allows us to work really closely as a team, Pomelo focuses on hiring talents who wish to grow with the company and who fit the fun and friendly company culture. There are not many retail companies where the owners of the business know their employees on a first-name basis. The company breeds an environment where no matter what position you hold your opinion is valued and respected.

What is the next goal you want to achieve here at Pomelo?

We have some very exciting new brands in the pipeline and I can’t wait to work with the buyers to build the brand strategies and (hopefully) watch the sales performance come through!

If Frances’s story excites you, join her and the Category Management team! Explore openings for Category Management team in Jobs.

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