HR Excellence Award 2022: Fashion-Tech Culture

by | Oct 3, 2022

Pomelo Fashion has been recognized with a Gold Award in the Workplace Culture category at the recent Thailand HR Excellence Awards 2022.

At Pomelo, fostering an inclusive workplace culture has always been one of our top priorities. To make Pomelo a safe space for our employees, we ensure a positive, open, and flexible working environment that supports Pomelo people to thrive personally and professionally.

What defines Pomelo culture?
Fashion-Tech. Fashion is our passion. But we also embrace technology in every aspect. To bring our Fashion-Tech culture to life, we focus on: Inclusive Community, Dynamic Hybrid Workplace, Pomelo Learning, and Work that Matters.

Inclusive Community

Inside Pomelo is an equal community in all aspects. Our team is a melting pot of over 28 nationalities, all genders, and different generations with an average age of 28 years old. Our diverse workforce includes talents with different expertise, from technology geeks and fashion designers to marketing evangelists, business insight experts, retail commercial and construction masters, logistics and fulfillment professionals, studio stylists, photographers, and many more. 

Diversity goes beyond what is visible. It also means value, belief as well as personal passion, and interest. We want to provide a space where our people can showcase their passion, truly be themselves and create an impact together. Pomelo Club allows our employees to form a community that connects them with people who share the same interests to meet and form non-work relationships. 5 Pomelo Clubs that have been launched from employee top votes are Sports Club, Books Club, Games Club, and Be Calm Be You Club, and Impact Club.

Dynamic Hybrid Workplace

Workplace has been disrupted over the past 2 years due to the pandemic and this changes the world of work forever. Pomelo aims to build a workplace for the future from a culture of trust while achieving the right balance between employees who desire to return to the office and those who prefer to work elsewhere. Our Dynamic Hybrid Working Arrangement allows each employee to choose “where” and “when” to work. Pomelo people are no longer bound to a specific workplace or schedule.

To enhance our approach, we introduced Pomelo Workweek, our model for hybrid-work so employees can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

What does Pomelo Workweek look like?

On Monday and Tuesday, we focus on effectiveness and productivity. 

Wednesday is Focus Day (aka meeting-free day) where we spare a learning hour and minimize meeting time. 

On Thursday, we have an ideation session to brainstorm and cross-functional knowledge sharing

Friday is Mingle Day: the main agenda is to have fun, make new friends, and relax after a long week.

Pomelo Learning

At Pomelo, we learn by doing. Learning happens every day and Pomelo is a learning playground where everyone can thrive and grow to be the best versions of themselves. There are several ways of learning at Pomelo, from job experience, collaboration to formal learning platforms.

Feedback Culture also plays an important factor to drive team performance and alignment. Real-time feedback gives us a strong understanding of what we’re doing well and how we need to improve.

Along with that, supervisors at Pomelo are mentors who help coach and create safe spaces to empower team members to experiment, grow, and take data-backed risks

Work that Matters

Our goals have gone beyond the work. We are all here with a strong commitment – to push boundaries, disrupt and deliver work that matters to the fashion-tech industry. Every day, our team is working to shape The Future of Fashion Retail by offering innovative shopping experiences for our customers. 

One instance is our Tap.Try.Buy. — a concept that truly changes the way a consumer shops for the better. Our teams offer a seamless online-to-offline experience where customers can tap thousands of styles on app, try at home or a Pomelo location, and buy only what they love.

Pomelo people are passionate about what we do and we contribute through work that is meaningful and impactful to the industry.

Pomelo wouldn’t be what it is today without our employees. Congrats to everyone at Pomelo for helping us build this amazing workplace culture!

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