Thursday or ‘Ideation days’ are part of Pomelo work week, intended for employees to share their ideas and foster healthy discourse. In honour of Pride month, the Pomelo team invited special guest speakers to host ideation talks discussing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. 

Diversity at the core by Nicole Lee, Art Director, Manager

Nicole talked about how Pomelo grew to embrace differences through the lens of brand marketing. She emphasized that to succeed, diversity and inclusion must go hand-in-hand with self-love and individuality. The session was concluded with a reminder for us to work towards achieving a brighter future for everyone.

 “As marketers, we need to acknowledge the influence we have on our customers and audiences and the role we play in culture and how we move trends.”

Nicole Lee

Fashion without Frame by David L., Head of Fashion

David took us through the history of genderless fashion and how the concept goes beyond social norms. Through genderless styles, anyone can fully explore their identity and feel comfortable with who they are as a person. Finally, David talked about Pomelo’s role in creating a welcoming place for self-discovery through fashion.

“It’s not just about dressing up and being colorful. It’s about having a safe space, being accepted, being comfortable in your own skin, and being embraced for who you are, not what you are.”

David Lerouw Lascurain
Pomelo x Maybelline: Beauty without Boundaries by Jui Chairat Nasomyont, CPD Brand General Manager special guest speaker from Maybelline Cosmetics
The love of makeup and the arts, Jui told us, can bring the world together. He guided us through Maybeline’s journey to become an inclusive cosmetic brand for all genders. As a beauty trend producer, he led an inspiring talk on how each of us can contribute to the making of an all-embracing standard. The session allowed us to see how a beauty cosmetic brand like Maybelline or a fashion brand like Pomelo can be the torchbearers of acceptance, equity, and inclusivity in society.

“As a beauty brand, we have a responsibility to be inclusive, to let everyone participate and be seated at the table. Everyone should be represented.”

Psychological Safety in Workplace by Yo K., Talent Acquisition Partner, Senior Associate
Yo defined “Psychological Safety” (P.S.) as a mindset that creates the space for team members to take risks without being made fun of. It is the foundation of inclusion that gives individuals the freedom to experiment, fail, and try again without fear. He also introduced the 3 components to construct P.S. among teammates: Radical Candor Climate, Team Feedback Culture, and Team Learning Culture. He concluded the session with one key action – always ask teammates about their feelings as a means to create a sense of belonging.

“This can only be accomplished with everyone’s effort, not just the leaders’ nor an individual’s.”

Yothana Kunnasin
 Sustainability and Inclusion by Pakpoom, Co-founder of Reviv and Bell A., Pomelo’s  Head of Sustainability

Poom & Bell’s talk shed light on sustainability in the fashion world and what we can do to help make this work habitable. They also talked about Reviv, co-founded by Poom, a company offering cloth repair and alteration services, with the mission to drive an inclusive economy.  As part of their efforts, they hire marginalized refugees with reasonable wages, to help integrate them in the workforce again. The session ended with Poom and Bell opening the floor to discuss what we can do as both producers and consumers of fast fashion. Instead of only focusing on finding the best material, we should be relooking at the production process as well as reevaluating the way in which we produce. 

“We are not doing this for the industry, we do this for our own lives. It’s important to try to create a better world for us to live in.”

These ideation sessions help encourage Pomelo people to embrace our differences and create an inclusive community. Although Pride month is coming to an end, we believe that there is always a place for compassion and inclusion. Remember: You can always be yourselves – loud and be proud! 

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