Working at a retail store has its own set of challenges, but is also an equally rewarding experience. From gaging what a customer wants just from their subtle gestures, to understanding how to approach them – directly offering help, or giving them space so they can explore –  it’s always a delicate dance, one that can only be mastered if you have a genuine interest in your customers.

Today, we go behind-the-scenes to speak to Far (Panirin Ounanong) and Namwan (Jiraporn Sinpakdee), Fashion Sales Advisors at Pomelo who do just that. From their foray into the world of fashion, to insiders view of a day in their life, to the challenges they’ve faced so far – they bare it all in a candid interview. 

How did you become a Fashion Sales Advisor at Pomelo?

Far: While still in University, I began working part-time in fashion & retail. A friend working at Pomelo asked me to apply, simply because Pomelo’s style was so similar to mine. I was also a big fan of Pomelo as a brand, so I decided to go for it. 

Namwan: When I was studying Fashion Business in college, I worked part-time at Pomelo and really enjoyed it. After graduation, I wanted to continue working in the fashion industry so I decided to join Pomelo as a full-timer.

Tell us a little about your journey with Pomelo so far.

Far: From my first day with Pomelo to today, I think I have grown a lot – both personally and professionally. Previously, I was actually a really shy, introvert who had no confidence at all. Working here I’ve met a lot of amazing colleagues who have taught me so much. I had to learn how to approach people and build relationships with customers to be able to give them a wholesome shopping experience. Over time, I gained confidence in my role as a sales advisor. Now, I’m very comfortable speaking to customers and really enjoy the experience a lot.

Namwan: After graduation, most of my friends didn’t work in the fields they studied. Pomelo was a great opportunity for me to be able to keep working in fashion. I really loved it. Besides for working as a part-time sales advisor, I am also a Visual Merchandiser – which I find very challenging. Throughout my time at Pomelo, I’ve met many people that helped broaden my personal and professional perspective. The best part is every day is different and challenging, and I love that. Working with Pomelo has helped me grow so much. 

Thanks to my supervisors and colleagues, I also had the opportunity to move and work at the Chiang Mai branch. Living alone in a new city was a time filled with self-reflection, a high learning curve, and constant adaptability. That experience was very precious to me and it truly helped shape the person I am today. 

What’s a day in the life of a Fashion Sales Advisor like?

Namwan: On a typical day, I usually stay at the cash counter to assist customers with orders and payment. Or I stroll around the store, approach customers who come in, helping them with what they need. When there are new arrivals or collections, we are also the one who takes care of visual merchandising, which is planning and creating the store displays. Other than that, a few of us will be available in the fitting room to help customers with trials. 

What’s the best part of being a Fashion Sales Advisor ?

Far: My colleagues! When I’m surrounded by great people, I feel empowered, and able to get through any kind of challenge. I feel so thankful that I have people who make me look forward to coming to work every day.

Namwan: The favorite part of my job is meeting people and learning more about them, especially our customers. I particularly enjoy talking to them. Hearing their stories and gaging their tastes or preferences really excites me.

What’s the next milestone you’re hoping to achieve?

Far: Within next year, I would love to become a supervisor. It’s a role that requires greater knowledge, more experience, and the ability to mentor others. It would be a very exciting challenge for me. 

Namwan: I don’t have a strict, clear career goal but I hope to keep improving and becoming a better version of myself. One year from now, I know there will be so much more growth. My job allows me to meet and connect with many people..every day is different so I get to constantly challenge myself with new tasks.

In your opinion, what makes someone a good sales advisor?

Far: We always put customers first, so I think having a customer-first approach is essential. Everyone coming in are our potential customers but each of them has a different preference in customer service. Some may like the staff to offer to help them first. On the contrary, some like to spend time browsing the racks on their own before they seek our assistance. The key is to learn how to understand customers and gage what they would prefer – that way regardless of whether they buy something or not, they will have a good experience overall.

If you could describe this job in one word, what would it be?

Far:  Happiness. When we work feeling happy and satisfied, it translates to our work itself, and our customers can feel it too.

Namwan: Sincerity, for me. I believe that when one does something out of passion and great intention, everything works out. 

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