Business Process & Operation.

The Business Process and Operations team innovates business processes and crafts high-quality products. To achieve and maximize business efficiency, we play a vital role in attentively overseeing every process. Whether it’s evaluating current processes, giving recommendations, developing products of good quality, or revamping existing ones, our team ensures effective business processes and exceptional products with care and confidence.
LLOYD LIN – Head of Business Process & Operations
“Due to the nature of Pomelo being a startup company, you have a chance to create, develop, and test new operations and processes. The team also has a fun and non-judgemental approach to new solutions, which gives you the freedom to express ideas without feeling judged or insecure. We handle all the workflows and processes for creating the Pomelo products and managing the inventory. Considering that Pomelo is primarily a product business, this is considered to be one of the core functions of the entire company.”

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