“Seeing my team members grow personally and professionally is what I find the most rewarding about working at Pomelo so far. I am extremely proud of what they achieved so far, and it’s an amazing feeling to see them shine.”

Encouragement is undoubtedly an essential aspect of teamwork. It creates a positive atmosphere for teammates and cultivates a happy and motivating work environment. 

The power of encouragement doesn’t only externally affect others, but also internally affects the one giving encouragement to others as well. 

Augustin, our VP of Performance Marketing, is a perfect embodiment of this case.

As a proud leader of his passionate and enthusiastic team at Pomelo, Augustin is achieving his goal of being the best version of himself by continuously supporting and empowering his team members to grow and shine.

What do you love about your job?

I love the pace of work at Pomelo. Things are moving fast at the company, and the team is working together to be super reactive and adaptive to change.

Why is Pomelo a special place for you?

The team! Everyone is happy to help each other and is working toward the same goal. I find it quite inspiring to see the different teams collaborating and working together toward the same goal. Everyone is always happy to give a hand to the other to grow together.

In your opinion, what does “being the best you” mean?

Being the best version of yourself entails thinking and acting as well as I can at any time of day. It’s important to set your own values and make sure you respect them and rectify them as soon as you realize you aren’t on track. I am trying to constantly focus on two things: my mind and my body. I exercise my mind by always learning something new (learn a foreign language, learn how to code in Python, etc.) and exercising my body to release pressure and boost self-esteem.

How does the team environment affect you as a person?

The team is young, super dynamic, and eager to learn. Working at Pomelo is always fun and exciting as you are surrounded by some of the best young talents in Thailand. What I love the most is that, despite adversity, team members are always willing to help each other. 

I find it very important to be surrounded by your team and be able to bounce ideas off of each other. The most innovative ideas come from the coffee machine or after-work with colleagues. Not from weekly meetings.

My goal is to continue assisting the team in their professional and personal development, as they will only help the company grow if they are growing themselves.

Want to join Augustin and his energetic and fast-growing team? Learn more about our open performance marketing roles in Jobs.

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